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50th Anniversary Gifts – 5 Fresh Gift Ideas

The 50th anniversary of marriage is an important milestone in the lives of a couple. It is a sign of their dedication to one another throughout the trials and happy times. If you are thinking of throwing a party, you can get the best party planner for your needs at Table & Eve.

 Finding the perfect present can be difficult for such an important event. Here are some fresh ideas:

1. Create a Memory Scrapbook: Collect many pictures of the couple over the past 50 years. Include photographs of their wedding day and the anniversary day celebration. Make an attractive scrapbook or photo album by adding notes to the photos, and also including an emotional note for the happy couple. If the couple is funny, of humor, add some humorous captions to accompany their pictures.

Make It a Special 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

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2. 50th Anniversary book: Fun idea to give a gift is to make or purchase the 50th-anniversary book which includes all the important things, events, and memories from the year they got married.

3. Write an anniversary poem: Create poems for the couple that discusses love and happiness, marriage or commitment, or even what they represent to you. 

4. 50th Anniversary Basket: A gift that brings couples back to the day they got married. The 50th-anniversary gift basket is a simple presentation that will include unique items from the year they got married, such as candy coins, music frames, trinkets, and cards.

5. Framed 50th Anniversary Picture Frame: Find a frame for the 50th anniversary that contains both pictures that show the happy couple. One photo should depict the couple on their wedding day. The second one should show them fifty years after.