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A Successful Dairy Calf Rearing Program And Management

Good nutrition is an essential part of a good immune system. Therefore, preparing calves for a stressful weaning experience is just as important as having a fantastic vaccination program.

Zinc and copper are calf health supplements that play an important role in immune function. Therefore, prior to weaning, calves must have access to good trace element minerals that provide these nutrients. Explore more details about best calf health and growth by searching online. 

calf health

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As already mentioned, before weaning, it is important to have a feed that allows the growth of strong rumen as the calves will transition into a milk-free diet. If possible, the calves should be fed the highest quality, long hay or turf grass.

Introducing calves to supplements containing coccidiostats prior to weaning helps calves switch to a two-type diet and prevent clinical coccidiosis. Treatment before or during weaning can reduce the risk of disease and increase the efficiency of calf growth.

Antiparasitic treatment is especially important in calves as they are more susceptible to parasites than older cows. Internal parasite weight not only decreases the efficiency of the diet but is also associated with decreased immune function. Re-implantation by preconditioning/weaning can be useful and should be considered.

Ensuring good nutrition, a clean environment, and proper vaccination protocols before and after delivery, all contribute to a healthy and thriving calf harvest.