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Effects Of Increasing Levels of Yeast Culture In High Fibre-Diet Of Broiler

The broiler starter ration has a high protein and energy content. Producing starter ration is also expensive due to the use of high-priced feed ingredients like soybean meal and maize. Using less expensive feed ingredients like industrial byproducts could reduce the cost of broilers. Brewer's dried grain is one example of such byproducts. 

Brewer's dried grain has high metabolizable energy as well as crude protein. It could therefore be used to reduce the amount of soybean and maize used in the broiler diet. Due to its high fiber (24% ADF), brewer's dried grain is only used in monogastric animals. You can also search online to know how you can use yeast metabolites in feed.

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Many researchers have found that yeast and herbs can be beneficial in feed formulations. The use of suitable feed additives can help overcome potential limitations in broiler and porcine rations. Vegetable protein-based diets tend to have higher fiber than animal protein sources, and poultry is poor at digesting fibre.

Yeast ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is a traditional growth stimulant for poultry and other animals. Numerous studies on yeast indicate that yeast supplementation in broiler feed is beneficial in increasing growth and efficiency.

Direct and indirect benefits will accrue to the digestibility and quality of the vegetable proteins and fibrous matter of the diets by using yeasts that are primarily focused on grain or other grain-by-products. Direct benefits may also be possible from the breakdown of fibrous and nutrient elements by yeasts and metabolic enzymes.