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Electric Treadmills Vs Manual Treadmills

Apr 10, 2021 Health and Fitness

One of the best selling home fitness equipment of all time is the electric treadmill. More people are recognizing the health benefits that come from using an electric treadmill. For one, you get to enjoy the exercise without having to get off your comfortable seating or start running.

Safety is another reason why this particular model is known as the Best Running Machine. The motors used in manual treadmills can easily be turned off if you don't want to use them. But the motors used in electric treadmills have a safety key that automatically shuts off the motors if they are not running properly. This is why it is always important to read the manual that comes with your electric treadmill. There are a safety key and a backrest that ensure your safety.

Another reason why electric treadmills are so popular among home fitness enthusiasts is that they are very convenient to use. You can easily walk, jog, run, or do both on an electric treadmill. And they usually cost less than manual treadmills. So, even if you are a casual exerciser, an electric one will fit into your fitness budget. But that doesn't mean you should use an expensive electric treadmill unless you really want to.

There are several major components that make up an electric treadmill. And there are also some minor components that are necessary but simply enhance the quality of your workout. Let's take a look at these major components:

Basic Elements – An electric treadmill consists of four main components. There is the console, which shows information about your workout. Usually there is a dial that controls resistance and speed. The incline is also adjustable, so you can vary the difficulty level of your workouts. Then there is the deck, which is where the actual running, jogging, or walking takes place. And finally there is the hinged belt, which is attached to the deck via a chain.

Different Types of Units – There are basically two types of electric treadmills. The first type is the manually operated unit. Manual treadmills require you to manually move the belt across the deck. You have to make adjustments in the incline for maximum effort as you run or jog. And the other type is the motorized unit, which operates with the help of an electronic engine. Motorized electric treadmills can also vary the incline.

Features – Most electric treadmills come with many pre-programmed workouts such as cycling, running, and walking. Some also come with heart rate monitors and other useful features. Some even have MP3 players and other media players. And of course most come with various accessories such as racks for storing work out gear, CD players, and DVD players, and other handy attachments. Many manual treadmills do not offer such extra services.

Safety Features – If you have a cardiovascular condition or if you are over fifty years of age, you should be especially cautious about using an electric exercise machine. An electric treadmill has no moving parts, so they are less likely to fail than a manual treadmill, even if the user is a professional runner or a world class athlete. However, an electric treadmill may pose a safety risk if used incorrectly. Running too fast will certainly cause the deck to accelerate and decelerate unexpectedly. Joggers who use a manual treadmill may also develop momentum when crossing the end of a ramp.

Cost – In general manual treadmills are more expensive than electric treadmills. The price is dependent on the model, type, and brand. But compared to the price of a round trip airline ticket, the cost of a manual treadmill may seem quite negligible. Also, since manual treadmills are not as complex, they tend to be much cheaper to run and maintenance free than their electronic counterparts.

Safety Key – A safety key on an electric treadmill is designed to prevent you from hitting the ground too hard while exercising. By disengaging the safety key, you will be able to exercise safely without harming your body. Manual treadmills offer no such feature. It is important to note that the safety key may need to be remapped each time you turn the treadmill on and off. This can be a somewhat time consuming process and you may need to buy a new key.

Conclusions: Both electric and manual treadmills are great pieces of fitness equipment. When choosing which one you should buy, you must first determine what you want it for. Next determine the amount of money you have to spend. Lastly, consider your own personal preferences. While both electric and manual treadmills have great benefits, you will need to decide which is best for you.