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Storing and collecting freshly frozen networks is not an easy task. The collection and storage of tissue samples must meet the stringent industry standards of the Board. 

At Geneticist Inc, all frozen tissue samples are collected only by a certified medical pathologist and with approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Freshly frozen samples were taken from surgical specimens with the written consent of the patient. A lot of preparation is done to minimize network processing time. 

The following materials and equipment are required for collection and storage:


  • All samples must be stored in correct tubes that have a unique 10-digit barcode for traceability and quality.

  • Labels must be clear and have a laminated sheet.

  • Liquid nitrogen is required for rapid freezing.

  • Dry ice is required for transporting the collected samples and for storage.

For fresh division, samples are placed at -20 °C for easy cutting, or placed on a cutting bench. Once the pathologist is ready to examine the sample, they will examine the tissue to determine if it is suitable for banking.

Samples were rapidly frozen by immersion in liquid nitrogen. Frozen samples can never be thawed again after initial freezing. 

Freshly frozen samples include serum, plasma and tissue samples (both normal and tumor tissue).