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Hand Sanitizer – Only a Trend or Habit to Maintain?

Apr 10, 2021 Health and Fitness

The latest trend in health and safety prevention is hand sanitizer, which currently sells faster than hotcakes and often wholesale after the pandemic. No other cleaning product has suddenly taken top priority on everyone's shopping list. 

After the outbreak of a pandemic, sanitizer with a high alcohol content of up to 70% is also in great demand to contain disease-causing microbes. It is a direct result of lightning strikes that alcohol serves as a very useful agent in the total eradication of the COVID 19 microbes. You can now get the best covid 19 sanitizer via

Six Best Places to Place Hand Sanitizer in Your Facility

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With a humorous comment, this discovery encourages many people to stockpile alcohol for consumption with the impression that it will destroy the germs in it. Hence, the question arises as to how effective they will be in creating a protective circle for their consumers if, despite the increase in sales, the number of patients affected by COVID also continues to increase.

Is hand sanitizer a curse or compassion?

People are most prone to panic. This is a scientifically proven fact. Panic was mostly driven by fear, and with fear of death rising in everyone's minds, people were filled with disinfectant and hoped it would work like magic. 

However, hand sanitizer does not guarantee immediate protection, nor does it create imaginary shields to keep out unwanted foreign objects. Hand sanitizer is simply a good hygiene product. Improper hygiene leads to good health, and health is wealth. However, good hygiene rarely occurs overnight. 

Good hygiene is usually the result of years of honest and strict health practices and habits. The same training over the years of its existence will build a strong natural immune system that will keep the body in shape.