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Homecare Medical Equipment Increases Bath Safety

With age, the feet become less stable. Bathing and showering are more difficult for them, but it is often a matter of pride that they can do it whenever possible. For the elderly and those who have recently had an injury or surgery, using a shower chair is a safer way of bathing. If mobility is impaired, other accessories like ShowerBuddy Range can be fitted or added to the patient's bathroom to reduce the risk of falls.

These specially designed devices can be purchased from online medical home care equipment providers. If the patient is unsure which type to buy or what will be most helpful, it is best to consult their doctor. You should use items specifically made for bathrooms, showers, or bathtubs. Home medical equipment exposed to water will not rust or break.

There are various kinds of shower chairs in the market. They allow the user to sit comfortably while showering. This is especially useful for people who rely on a walker, cane, and crutches to get around. The shower chair must have non-slip ends at the bottom of the feet to prevent movement and damage to the bath or shower surface. Some models have flat feet to prevent tipping over.

One of the most popular bathroom accessories in home remedies is a hand shower head. This allows the user to maneuver with the water on top rather than trying to move underwater. This makes bathing easier and safer for people with limited mobility.