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How to Address Thumb Sucking

It ultimately until your child solves the habit of sucking thumbs up. That said, there are some things to remember by parents when they try to prevent children from sucking their thumbs, as well as some strategies to try. Your kid can stop sucking finger via
Keep calm
Shout or insist that your child stops sucking their thumb unhelpful. Even though you might worry about the potential damage they do on their teeth or all the germs they put into their mouths, angry with a child does not seem to lead to cooperation.
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Make a reduction
When you see your child suck their thumb, make sure they have to do with their hands (like giving them a stress ball to squeeze). However, if your child sucks their thumb to deal with nervousness, it won't be enough to divert them or give them something to do. You must overcome their source of anxiety.
If they suck their thumb when they are bored, push your child to color the picture, throw the ball back and forth, or paint fingers – whatever makes their small hands busy.
Offer a lot of praise
Instead of constantly showing that they suck their thumbs and draw attention to behavior, making the point to strengthen and praise them when they don't suck their thumb. You want to draw attention to the behavior you want to see – not you don't do it.