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How to Blend Clear Coat On A Car

Here I'm going to share with you some tips and tricks on clear coat paint. With the advent of the clear coat painting system, Blending quickly succeeded in eliminating panel painting. 

Clearcoat paint is sprayed on several colored coats for a glossy look. This forms a protective film that can be perfectly polished without affecting the base color. You can also look at the igh quality clear coat product via

How to Blend Clear Coat On A Car

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It's also great to sand after each application of the clear coating. This will allow you to remove dust or grime before applying the next coat. This is also done by professional car painters who work on show cars.

Clearcoat paint is actually made of thin and transparent thermoplastic urethane. It is applied to the bodywork and is strong enough to protect the exterior of the car from scratches while driving. 

However, since it is a thin film layer, you need to make sure that it is replaced after some time. Removing this film is also quite easy. It can be peeled off without damaging the surface of the car.

If you are wondering whether to remove emblems and badges when you add the clear coating to a vehicle, don't worry. Obviously, it doesn't affect these elements in your car. Just spray and let the empty space dry.