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How To Choose An Interior Designer Or Redecorator

What are the different types of interior designers who are available?

Interior decorators are a new term. Interior decorators are professionals who transform homes using items you've accumulated over time. It is a harmonious, balanced space that reflects the personalities of those who use it.

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This service is now offered by many interior designers. Interior designers who specialize in interior design can also be called interior stylists and interior arrangers.

What are Interior Decorators' fees?

Flat Design Fee: This flat fee is paid by the client for professional interior designers' services. It is based on the design plan and the time needed.

Hourly Rate: Interior decorators charge an hourly rate.

Cost Plus Method: Interior designers will charge a fixed percentage for all merchandise and tradesmen's services.

Mixed-Method: The client pays both a fixed percentage on purchases and an hourly fee.

Per square foot: This method can be used in new construction.

What should you ask during the first meeting?

1) Request to view the portfolio of the interior designer. But remember, the designs are not necessarily those of interior decorators and may not reflect yours.

2) Ask the interior designer what projects they have worked on, what the budget was, and the size of the projects.

3)  Find out how the budget will be managed and what payment schedules are required by the interior decorator.