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Indoor Air Conditioners – Control The Climate

Indoor air Conditioners are the system that combines the cooling and warming ability of an ordinary fan or an electrical heater.

Since the middle of the 18th-century scientists have been experimenting to rapidly cool an object. In 1906 the first air conditioner was used, but its main function wasn't to cool or warm the air, but to control the humidity of the air in a textile factory. To know more about indoor air conditioner system visit

Since then they have kept changing over the years to achieve the things they can do today. The most common consist of an outdoor and indoor part and are just able to warm and cool the air by using a refrigerator system and heat-fan system installed in the indoor part of the air conditioner.

The outdoor part is used to suck the air in so it can be transferred by an isolated strengthened rubber hose to the indoor part where the air is either being cooled or warmed.

Modern indoor air conditioning systems can control the humidity of the air and automatically set their temperature depending on the outdoor weather conditions. They come in different categories depending on the place they have to cool or warm – their power to warm or cool is measured by their size in inches and the electrical power they consume.

Of course, air conditioners aren't used only in buildings, but also in vehicles giving you the comfort you need during a long trip.