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Manufacturing Of Hard Gelatin Capsules

Hard gelatin pills are solid dosage forms in which one or more drug material and/or inert materials are contained within a small shell. They are made mainly of gelatin and have two parts. The body contains the drug and the liquid, while the cap is about half the length. 

Most capsule products manufactured today are of the hard gelatin type. Hard gelatin capsules are used to make solid dosage forms about 10 times more than soft gelatin capsules. You can search online to get more information about the best capsules manufacturing companies

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Manufacture and sale of hard gelatin capsules

Step 1: Prepare the gelatin solution (dipping solutions)

Concentrated gelatin can be prepared by dissolving gelatin in demineralized waters, which have been heated to 60-70°C in jacketed pressure vessels. The solution is 30-40% w/w gelatin.

Step 2: Dip coating the gelatin solution

Capsule shells can only be made under very specific climatic conditions. To make them, you dip pairs of standard steel pins placed in rows on metal bars in an aqueous gelatin solution. 

Step 3: Rotation of dip-coated pins

After the solution has been absorbed onto the pins' surface, the bar containing them is removed and rotated severally to distribute the solution evenly around the pins. 

Step 4: Trimming and stripping

Once the gelatin has dried, the capsule should be removed from the mold and cut to the correct length.

These are the steps that are involved in the capsules manufacturing process.