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New Apple Wireless Charging Connector

The MagSafe charging specification allows up to 15W of power to be transmitted using the Qi wireless standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium in 2008.

It is the same Qi that we have been using for the last 12 years in hundreds of smartphone models and devices, so if you use it as a charging pad, it also works with older Qi devices, but at a lower charge rate. power.

If you put an older iPhone model on top or an AirPods charging case or Android phone, it will continue to work but slower. However, the magnetic accessory part only works on an iPhone 12. Find out more details on magsafe wireless charging by navigating to this site.

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If you put iPhone 12 in a case, it must be in a MagSafe compatible charging case; otherwise, it may not stick to the connector and induction charging may not work.

In addition to Apple's official MagSafe cases, other good MagSafe-compatible cases have also hit the market. Note that for a box to be MagSafe compatible, a ring made of a ferrous material must be placed inside the box to allow the MagSafe disc to connect.

Most companies are making minor or no changes to their existing box lines to accommodate an adhesive ring rather than undergoing a complete redesign.

Ultra-thick cases like the classic rubberized OtterBox Defender don't have these rings yet; they have to do additional engineering work to embed them into the plastic and rubber or create appropriate cutouts for the connector.

If you have to use a super thick case, forget about MagSafe; use traditional charging pads or Lightning cables.