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Practical Ways To Help Your Child Quit Thumb Sucking

1. For the first week, keep your kid's hands busy with puzzles, crafts, games, or other desired activities. You may need to limit TV viewing time as many children subconsciously suck their thumb while watching TV. You can also buy the best thumb sucking tool to help your child to stop thumb sucking.

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2.You may want to use a bandage or an unpleasant-tasting substance such as paint marks on the nails to remind your child not to suck his thumb. If the bandage or cover is removed, replace it without criticizing or disturbing your child.

3.Gently remove your child's thumb from their mouth while they sleep. Thumb sucking at night is the hardest habit to break. It can take up to 3 months for your baby to fall asleep without sucking his thumb. 

4.Try offering your child their favorite plush toy before bed or putting a hand puppet on your child's hand at bedtime as a reminder. Carefully explain to your child that if they continue to suck their thumb at night, the habit will not go away and the changes in their mouth will continue.

5.Give high praise if your child does not suck his thumb during activities that normally involve this habit. Don't be embarrassed or punish your child for sucking his thumb. This will only lower his self-esteem.

During this process, provide empathy and encouragement and be available to your child. Admit that breaking thumb sucking habit is difficult. If you are consistent, patient, and positive, chances are your child will succeed.