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Proper Brake Pad Replacement

The automobile needs to be cooled before anything else is done. Heat expands the metallic alloys the pads are manufactured of so the size has improved marginally. The mechanic also has to await the car to cool down so that his palms do not burn while replacing the brake components at

The mechanic will loosen the lug nuts to eliminate the hub cap out of the wheel. He'll lift the vehicle at least thirty centimeters in the ground. Then he'll put wedges or bricks behind another wheel so the car does not roll-off. Two wheels could be achieved at a time by putting two jacks on both sides of the automobile. An individual mechanic will normally help with this procedure.

The mechanic will completely remove the lug nuts and the wheel to start the mainland replacement procedure.

The caliper bolts will probably be removed to get the brake pads. The caliper has to be eliminated to be able to get into the rotor. The caliper meets will nonetheless possess a brake line that attaches to the machine and the cautious process is going to need to be utilized when dealing with this particular assembly.

The brake pads are now able to be safely eliminated by sliding them out or popping out them. The mechanic may even replace the clips which attach the pads with fresh ones.

The brand new brake pads are now able to be fitted. To begin with, braking grease is going to be put on the rear of the pads as lubrication to prevent friction and elevated temperatures.

The mechanic will set the new brake pad exactly the identical manner he eliminated the preceding one.