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Certainly! All Deaf, Deaf-blind, and Hard of Hearing People who communicate using American Sign Language, including variations of visual communication in Sign Language, Foreign Sign Language, Tactile Sign Language, and Spoken English, can be done through the Sign Language case and with certified translators deaf translators everywhere!

Translators at Inclusive Communication Services have proven to work hard and provide communication access to a variety of locations including hospitals and doctor's offices, classrooms, stadiums, theaters and musical sports events, job interviews, training courses, and more.

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According to the federal mandate, your service must have existing best practice guidelines for providing communication access to deaf and vulnerable people on request. Contact for possible negotiated and competitive rates to ensure your company can afford the service.

The ADA prohibits discrimination against those seeking access to communications in public accommodation including, but not limited to, community service, hospitality, restaurants, theaters, medical and law firms, retail stores, funeral homes, museums, parks, daycare centers, and private schools.

As stated in the ADA, sign language users who want a sign language interpreter reinforce effective communication clauses. Pen and paper used in English is not a reasonable accommodation because communication is based on basic forms of human communication such as American Sign Language.

Translators are trained professionals who undergo years of ASL and English translation training to acquire the necessary knowledge and qualifications through the receptive and expressive areas of sign language.

An interpreter translates spoken English and ASL for all parties involved in the conversation.