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Strategies to Maintain Your Slurry Pump

Because slurry pump maintenance is a regular job, it is important to choose the right strategy. You must consider the best pumps parts and service, personnel productivity, accessibility of lifting equipment, safety, ergonomics, quality, downtime, and costs. This blog post will discuss the key benefits of common maintenance strategies to maintain lined slurry pumps.

In-Situ Maintenance

In-situ maintenance is the most popular strategy. This involves repairs being made on the spot and any worn parts being exchanged. Low initial costs are the main advantage. This approach has a downside: it is time-consuming and can lead to downtimes that depend on the inspection results. In-situ maintenance can be more difficult than maintenance in controlled environments due to non-ergonomic conditions. This could lead to quality problems.

Clamshell Maintenance

Clamshell maintenance is much faster than performing in-situ repairs. The clamshell is made up of a suction cover, throat bush, and cover plate with a frame plate liner insert. Speed is a key factor in achieving higher quality. The downtime reduction must be considered in addition to the cost of spare parts.

Complete bare shaft pump replacement

This is a method of changing the entire shaft pump. This has the same benefits as Clamshell maintenance. It is faster than in situ maintenance. You can also free up your lifting equipment and reduce the risk of injury. Clamshell maintenance is more expensive upfront than Clamshell maintenance.