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The Right First Aid Kit For You

The best way to buy a first aid kit is to consider how many people it should cover.

Don’t pay too much attention to item count in a pre-packaged kit. More is not always better. Here’s what to look for.

Consider These Things When Buying a Kit

Buy a first aid kit based on how many people it should cover. This is the best way to buy a kit. The item count of a kit is not as important.

Coaches, both amateur and professional, should buy a professional first aid kit-instead of one they put together themselves. This goes for school athletics as well. Basic first aid kits just can’t cut it when it comes to sports injuries both in frequency and intensity. You can also buy the right first aid kit at

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Where do you plan to use the kit? Is it for your home, car, or boat? Consider all the possible situations your first aid kit needs to cover. If you are using the kit outdoors look for water resistant, durable bags. A home kit can be larger and hard-sided.

What activities does the kit need to cover, hiking, biking, desk jockey? Look for kits that are specific to the activity. In cycling kits you’ll find sunscreen and extra bandages. Hiking kits usually carry moleskine and salt tablets.

Consider any special needs you might have to cover? If your kit needs to cover persons who suffer from allergic reactions, diabetes, asthma or chronic illnesses make sure you include medications and supplies to look after them.

With just a few things to keep in mind you are ready to buy or prepare a first aid kit that is just right for you.