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Tag: Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass: The Commercial Uses

We are always struck by the lush green grass of resorts or golf courses. Sometimes, we wonder if the grass is real. This thought is not unreasonable. Artificial grass is becoming a popular choice for businesses today. 

For future maintenance savings, they are willing to spend large amounts upfront. There are many options on the market when it comes to commercial usage. If you want to buy artificial grass in Edmonton, visit

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Here are the most popular commercial uses for synthetic grass.

Children's Park and Playgrounds: A playground or children's park must look appealing to attract kids. The daycare and local authorities have started to search for artificial grass brands that can be used below playground equipment and have an attractive finish. T

hey make sure the product is safe for children before they purchase it. Artificial turfs for playgrounds can have up to 2 inches of rubber and a shock absorber layer on top. These synthetic turfs comply with ASTM standards to reduce the chance of serious injury.

Field surfaces of sports complexes: Sports complexes must keep their field surfaces lush throughout the year. Artificial grass has been a popular choice for sporting complexes in recent years to cut down on both time and costs. Sports complexes' field surfaces are very vulnerable to damage from heavy traffic. 

Manufacturers create products that can withstand high traffic. Many manufacturers include a shock absorbent pad underneath the artificial grass turfs. Even if a player is toppled on the artificial turf, this reduces the chance of injury.

Different Ways Of Using Artificial Turf For Your Outdoor Space

Artificial turf has many advantages. Of course, you don't need to water, fertilize, or mow regularly. Also, it is evergreen and can be as soft as real grass. In fact, it is difficult to distinguish right from wrong from a distance.

Nowadays, you can easily buy artificial grass via Precision Greens. For homeowners, artificial grass can be the best choice to improve the appearance and performance of your outdoor area. Experts have given some advice on this. Here are some great ways to use artificial grass for your outdoor space.

Play Area: Grass can certainly damage the part of your house where your children usually play and may require repair or repair. With artificial grass, this area is sure to look fun and exciting to kids, but will be strong enough to withstand sports, games and general wear and tear. Another great advantage is that the surface is not muddy; This way, children are less likely to bring dirt into your home.

Dining Space: Of course, there are many advantages to using artificial turf for outdoor dining. In fact, it usually complements the style of furniture and holds a chair that moves back and forth on it. 

In fact, artificial turf can be the best choice in such places because it doesn't get as wet as natural grass – so your furniture won't rot or rust. Because it doesn't have to be pruned, heavy furniture doesn't move weeds in the summer.