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Developers’ Marketing Tips for Augmented Reality App Development

It's no secret that app developers aren't the best marketers, but in the field of augmented reality app development, knowing the fundamentals of marketing is critical. This is especially useful if you already have augmented reality apps that you want to advertise.

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The one thing that every developer should have is a blog site. This is the platform where you interact with your soon to become clients. It can be time-consuming to blog every day so it is recommended that you at least put up content every week. 

This can reap great rewards as the blogs you post can appear on search engines and will therefore drive more traffic to your website. You should also tell other bloggers about the app for free advertising purposes as they will spread the word to other people.

You should also keep in mind that bloggers are always seeking for new readers; rather than competing with them for attention, you can use them to promote your app by providing them with a few promotional codes to distribute to their users.

This way, they have traffic in their blogs and you benefit by getting your app out to the people before you know it your application will be famous all over social sites.

You can look for augmented reality-related events and seek an opportunity to briefly speak of your app by first consulting with the organizers.