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The Back And Spine – A Very Simple Design With Very Intricate Workings

The back is a lot more complex than you imagine. Many of us take it for granted. We take a nap on it, twist it, and utilize it for leverage. But once it fails, we find out really fast just how much trouble we're in without a strong healthy back. Perhaps it's got something to do with just what the lower back really should do, and most importantly, just what the back isn't designed to do.

The Design of the lower back 

Let’s begin with the basics. When you eliminate the skin, the muscle, body fat, along with the ligaments, you will see precisely where we start with the back. We’ll leave out the terminology and use layman’s words that we all will understand.

To start, our back consists of vertebrae, small circular bones that are stacked on top of each other. These bones, commonly known as the spine, have spaces in the center. That space is to allow for your spinal cord. Your spinal-cord is the lengthy tubing that runs from the bottom part of your head all the way to your tail-bone. All of the nerve endings come up from your spinal-cord and reach out to numerous areas inside the body.

There are actually five various segments to your spine:

  1. Cervical – Seven moving vertebrae inside the neck region
  2. Thoracic – Twelve moving vertebrae inside the upper body area
  3. Lumbar – Five moving vertebrae inside the small of the back
  4. Sacral – Five merged vertebrae in the area of the hips which connect to your hips
  5. Coccyx – Four merged vertebrae that comprise your tail-bone

The spinal column features a natural bend that enables you to move fluidly rather than stiffly. One more reason why we've got ease of mobility is the soft discs that are in between every single vertebra. These vertebrae possess a soft center that helps to protect the spinal-cord and a harder outer surface that supports the weight of the vertebra above as well as under it.

There are actually areas between your spinal vertebrae, created by their particular shape, that enable nerves to move through. These nerves go to internal organs, muscle tissue, ligaments, tendons and skin. At turbo speed, signals are transferred from internal organs to nerves in the brain. That's the reason why there isn't any lag time from the moment you place your fingertips on a sizzling stove-top to the time which you yell and take your hand away.

So, what can I do when my back starts to hurt?

There are a variety of different treatments you can try with a sore back. You can try cbd cream for back pain. Many people are discovering that they prefer these alternative treatments because they are natural and non-habit forming. Amazon hemp cream is another natural alternative. While others prefer a nice massage or simple Advil for milder cases of back pain.

Whichever type of treatment you use for back pain I would always recommend you check with your doctor first.