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Tag: blockchain-agnostic liquidity network

Cross-Chain Protocol Brings Together Liquidity Sources From Multiple Networks

A cross-chain aggregation technology lets crypto enthusiasts use liquidity resources from several networks through one platform which makes it easier than ever to get the most affordable prices.

O3 Swap states that its aim is to assist users in identifying the most efficient ways to conduct trading, and also to facilitate transactions with no limitations or unintentional fees. There are some companies that provide cross-chain liquidity services via

A few examples of liquidity providers that it can support are Uniswap, SushiSwap, and Curve on the Ethereum blockchain; PancakeSwap, DODO, and BakerySwap on the Binance Smart Chain; as in addition to Flamingo, Nash, and Switcheo on Neo. 

All this means that assets from multiple blockchains are able to be exchanged freely, and the various blockchains are easily accessed.

The blockchain market can be extremely dispersed — and is frequently populated by many networks that don't have the ability to communicate directly with one another. To combat these O3 Aggregators have been put in place on the main networks to hunt the most competitive rates for trading and the O3 Hub is the central component of the blockchain ecosystem processing transactions with the help of an inter-chain pool.

The creators who are behind O3 Swap liken their offering to a multi-chain variant of 1inch or a cross-chain variant of Curve. 

With the high costs and inefficiencies that can be found in certain sectors of the decentralized financial sector, this project aims to streamline transfers for everyone as well as remove some of the shortcomings that are present in the top products of today.