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Learn the Basics of Bowling at Carlisle

The bowling game consists of ten frames. The bowler has two chances in each frame to drop as many pins as possible with his bowling ball. When there are multiple bowlers in play, each bowler takes their frame in a predetermined order before the next frame starts. 

Before you start bowling, you need to understand the function of a bowling alley. The bowling alley is 18.3 m (60 ft) from the foul line, the line closest to the player, the flag, and the pins closest to the player.  If you want to bowl in Carlisle then you can also visit to find the best bowling center near me.

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The approach area is 15 feet (4.6 m) long and ends at the foul line. The bowler must not cross the foul line during his approach. If a ball enters the channel and then bounces and hits the flag, it does not count.

There are gutters on either side of the bowling alley. If a ball deviates from the crossbar, it goes into the gutter and is out of play.

Bowling pins are placed at the end of the bowling alley at the beginning of each frame. They are arranged in a triangular formation with the triangular apex facing the bowler. In the first line, there is only one pin, in the second line, there are two pins, at three, there are three pins, and so on.

The pins in the back row are numbered 7-10, the pins above the back row are numbered 4-6, and the pins in the second row are numbered 2-3.