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3D Plane Games – Tips to Optimize Your PC

If you've bought a flight simulator or fighter-plane game, there's a variety of options you can make to your laptop or desktop computer to ensure that you get the best experience. 

Here, we'll outline the top ways to make your computer more efficient for the most enjoyable gaming experience in flight.

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1. Check that your PC's Hardware is of the highest quality available

3D Plane Games have come far over the last decade. The latest flight simulators and 3D Fighter planes demand that you run an operating system with a high-performance graphics card, CPU, and plenty of storage space and RAM. 

2. The Common Flight Controls map is to be mapped onto the Keyboard

A lot of flight simulator games be pre-configured with keyboard settings that correspond to a variety of features on the plane, like altering the rudders and ailerons and changing the throttle, controlling the radio and lights, and more.

It is important to be in a position that feels most comfortable to you. Additionally, if you're playing a traditional Fighter plane video game that doesn't include many controls that can be that are mapped to keyboards. It can be helpful to include shortcuts to things like firing missiles or dropping bombs. 

3. Put money into Cockpit Accessories

To have the most realistic and enjoyable flight experience, think about investing in other cockpit accessories or equipment that you could discover in an actual plane cockpit. The most popular accessory is the joystick. However, nowadays you can also purchase a rudder or a yoke, or a gaming seat.