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Tag: Car Servicing

All About Your Car Servicing

Unlike ITV, the service is not a legal requirement for your vehicle. However, you will probably find that regular maintenance can help keep everything 'running sweet', and you can also add value to your car, as a thing that used car buyers almost always ask about is the service history. 

One of the essential components needed for your car engine is oil. Most services include an oil change and oil filter, and depending on the exact requirements of the look book servicing of the car, regular services may include other elements such as:

Reasons to Service Your Car Regularly Serrano Info

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  • Plugs
  • Air filter
  • Pollen filters
  • Fuel filter

Another element that can be seen during their servicing of cars is the timing belt. The timing belt does just that: the synchronization of the engine, that is, keeping the top and bottom sections then motor synchronization control. As the timing belt is made of rubber, which can perish and wear, so usually you need replacement within a certain mileage or time scale.

Some automobile engines contain a distribution chain instead of a belt. The same task is performed, but the replacement of a rubber belt with a metal chain. Some chains are designed to last the life of the car, while some have a replacement mileage or time. This varies between different vehicles, and a change interval distribution chain often is longer than a timing belt. 

In some vehicles, the change of the timing belt also includes the replacement of parts as the tensioner and the water pump driven mechanically the engine and drives refrigerant runs coolant around the cooling system of the engine.