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Tag: Digital PR

What is Digital PR in Singapore?

Digital PR is an online marketing strategy used by businesses to increase their online presence. Digital PR agencies engage with journalists, bloggers, and influencers and send press releases online to get quality links and social media mentions to improve search engine optimization (SEO). Digital PR is a sub-service of content marketing. You can visit to find the best digital marketing agency in Singapore.

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Digital PR includes:

  • Receive quality feedback from websites and online publications
  • Advertise online
  • Get honest (hopefully good) feedback from customers
  • Answer reporters’ questions with comments

In comparison, content marketing applies to all digital PR techniques – and content creation such as blogging, web page copying, and knowledge bases.

Digital PR helps you reach your target customers by featuring your business on the websites they read, the podcasts they listen to, and the social media accounts they like. It can even earn you five-star reviews on Google and Amazon. Ultimately, digital PR has a positive impact on website visibility and search engine rankings. For local businesses, a well-planned local SEO digital PR strategy focuses on getting your business featured in online publications writing about your local area.

Digital PR requires an understanding of Google policies and ranking signals to increase a website’s visibility in search results. Many digital PR campaigns are run by SEOs and content marketers. If you work with an online marketing or SEO agency, make sure quality digital PR is part of their offsite SEO efforts.