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Does Bluetooth Cause Cancer

Bluetooth headsets have been around for over a decade, yet many are still reluctant to use them. It may have something to do with not wanting to look like an extra in a sci-fi movie, but there’s also the recurring question: Are Bluetooth headsets safe?

It’s kind of in our nature to worry about new technologies and whether they’re going to doom us all in some unforeseen way. People love a good dystopian tale. Bluetooth headsets…well, let’s just say they don’t make the best candidates for such a tale. If anything, they may actually reduce some of the risks associated with another tech. How so?

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Are Bluetooth headsets safe: Man in car with Jabra Stealth headset

To answer that, let’s look at two things people tend to worry about:

1) Are Bluetooth headsets safe for your health?

2) Are Bluetooth headsets safe for driving?

Are Bluetooth headsets safe for your health?

People worry that wearing a radio-transmitting gadget on their head is going to cause some health issues. Let’s face it: Despite what comic books may have us believe, radiation rarely gives you superpowers. It’s generally something we want to stay away from.

But is radiation from Bluetooth headsets something to be worried about? The short answer is no – if you ask the scientists who study it.