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Golden Rules On How To Choose A Strong Password

A golden rule is a suggestion that has been tested and can be applied in various situations. You do not need to find stuff out for yourself, just follow the Golden Rule. So here are the five golden rules that proved to choose a strong password.

Golden Rule # 1:

Your password should be at least 6-8 characters and must be free of identical characters in a row. Remember, do not use all numbers or letters: steer clear of "12345678" or "ABCDEFG". You can use best online password manager to manage and to choose a secure password.

Golden Rule # 2:

Change all vendor default passwords. This is important because the cell phone, for example, can easily be stolen. If you do not change the default password on your phone, you will end up with a hefty fee when your next bill arrives.

Password Less Girl

Golden Rule # 3:

Use the password generator. There are several ways to do this, including purchasing software that will generate random numbers and characters beyond the series that you might choose yourself. Many accounts that require passwords will receive a password of up to 16 characters, it is difficult to break the sequence of one of only six or eight.

Golden Rule # 4:

Change your password regularly. You can achieve this by setting an advanced alarm on your phone or PC diary. This can be very important because a third-party attack on computers is increasing exponentially and change passwords regularly to ensure that you raise the bar for phishing and identity theft.