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All About Computer Network Management

Computer network management is one of the best jobs at the moment and can pay very well.Computer networks are part of computer technology that is useful for having information brought from one computer to another so that it can be accessed and utilized by people who are different from each other.

server repair charlotte

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This information is transferred through special cables, such as fiber optic cables, and also through the signal traveling through the air.

Usually, companies that distribute this technology will ultimately hire network managers and specialists to maintain this network correctly and ensure that everything goes sharply.


As a network manager, you are responsible for every need that the network you will take, will have. You will have the same task as the manager and you will deal with promoting employees, firing them, training them, assigning assignments, and also evaluating.

You will also be responsible for long-term planning that considers the development of corporate network systems, such as the use of new technology and routine maintenance scheduling.

One of the most important tasks of such managers will be assigned to monitor and solve problems, add and remove new users, add new servers, and LAN performance. They also oversee every network dis-assembly or assembly and any software installation regarding the network.


If your dream is a computer network manager then you will need a bachelor's degree in computer science, telecommunications, or electronic engineering. In addition, you must also have strong knowledge of the operating system, peripheral, and microprocessor devices.