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Things to Consider When Planning a Custom Wine Cellar for Your Home

The first consideration when considering adding a custom wine cellar to your home is located. Will it be on the ground level of the house? Do you have a cellar? Will it be on the second floor or higher? Will your home's basement be inside the house and adjacent to an outside wall?

Do you have a specific space that you want to use as an existing closet, under a drawer, outside the dining room, pantry, unused room, or are you going to add an addition to your home? A wine cellar can be built at any of these locations. Each presents different challenges when adding a climate control system to a home. You can exploreglass Wine Cellar Experts in Toronto through Papro Consulting.

Climate control system, refrigeration or refrigeration unit … But you want to go back to it, it's the second thing to consider. There are several types of systems available today. Each type comes in a variety of sizes to suit the size of your basement. It is best to consult a specialist in a wine cellar to find out the correct size and type of unit you will need.

Most cost-effective is a free-standing unit or "through the wall" system. This type of unit is exactly what it says. The evaporator and condenser are combined into a single wall-mounted unit with vents from the basement to the next room. For this system to work, you need to have a cellar room that is at least twice the size of a wine cellar you cool down and has heating and air conditioning. The unit will emit heat as it removes that heat from the basement. You should also be okay with the unit appearing on the wall of the next room.