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Universal Life Insurance Explained

Consider universal life insurance. Among the more popular permanent policies is the universal life policy. What's this universal life all about anyway? This coverage is permanent insurance that allows for flexibility in premium payments in addition to in death benefit amounts.  

Think about this policy for a savings account with a life insurance policy attached. Read this article to learn more about the free universal life insurance quotes online

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Premium payments

Unlike other forms of life policies, your premium payments are deposited into a savings account that earns interest on your cash. Monthly withdrawals are taken from your account to cover administrative expenses and life insurance premium expenses. 

It is possible to enter into a contract with the company of your decision to deposit money in your account regularly just like you do with any other coverage. Your premiums can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly.  

On the other hand, you might decide to deposit larger sums into your account in a less regular way. You can make your deposits on your universal life insurance account when you feel the need or desire to do so. 

Savings element

You might want to know whether it'd be better to purchase term insurance and simply put the rest of the cash into a savings account. The savings portion of your deposit includes a guaranteed rate of interest. It is possible to deposit money when you would like to.  

Term life insurance is temporary insurance. You purchase a term policy for a particular number of years. If you require life insurance after that period you might be unable to qualify for this.