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What Facial Aestheticians Should Know About a PDO Thread Lift Course

The effects of gravity become more apparent as we age. You do not believe me? Our aging, flabby face is all the proof you need. Look at anyone who has turned 40 and you will get what I am lecturing on.

Well, of course, for most people this happens because their facial support structure deteriorates and they lose facial fat as they age. So let's not blame gravity for something as natural as aging.

The most affected areas are our eyebrows, double chin, cheeks, the area around our eyes, and the neck. And as a result, people end up with an older-looking boxy face.

In the old days, for someone looking to have a younger, younger, more contoured face, surgical treatment would have been the only option. But surgical treatments come with their own unwanted side effects – skin infections, for example. To get more information about aesthetician courses online, you may browse this website.

So what exactly is a PDO thread lift?

It is a non-surgical facial aesthetic treatment, an effective cosmetic procedure that lifts sagging skin tissues and tightens them with the help of threads and the induction of collagen production. These threads, which are made of polydioxanone, are thin and absorbable and are implanted in the subcutaneous layer of our skin. Aimed specifically at the facial areas to be treated, what these threads do is that they cause micro-injuries that cause the contraction of the tissues of our skin and at the same time favor the production of collagen.

This thread facelift procedure basically makes 3 things happen.

• First, lift the skin instantly

• Second, the texture and elasticity of the skin improves due to the production of collagen.

• And finally, we get a firm skin

The procedure is not only minimally invasive, but also brief, as it only takes between 30 and 45 minutes, and its effect lasts up to 3 years. And the best, after about 6 months, the threads are absorbed by our body.

While it seems simple, it is not a procedure that one can master without any professional training. So for all aspiring facial estheticians, it's about time you started looking around for a PDO thread tightening course.