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What Should Your Emergency Survival Kits Should Always Contain

Survival kits are just kits that will help you through real emergencies. A situation of survival is a balance between life and death. There are so many situations that you will need survival gear.

Keep copies of all important documents in the kit. Things like birth certificates, home, and car insurance, and other documents that can be difficult to replace during a crisis. You can also get best survival food kits with complete reviews with comparisons.

Can opener (you'd be surprised how many people forget to do this) so you can open canned food. A battery-operated portable radio that allows you to receive messages from outside is also important. A flashlight so you can see if the power goes out, wax for the same reason.

Make sure you have lighter ones; they are more reliable than lighters. Map of your neighborhood or city for take-off routes.

A good investment is a flashlight and solar radio in case the emergency lasts longer and you run out of battery.

Keep cash and some change in your kit. If the power goes out, ATM banks and other places where you can get money will also shut down. Remember that there is no room for gas when power is reduced.

Any good survival kit is compact enough to carry around but neat enough with the gear you and your family need to deal with a crisis. Many families have equipment for each member, even if there is no need.