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Automated Lighting Control In The Home

For many years we only had the option of turning the lighting on or off in our homes. If you want brighter lighting, place a higher wattage bulb or provide more light in the room.

This had been for years until dimmer switches were introduced into the home environment, first becoming known in the early 1970s. They allow home users to control the level of lighting in the room up or down by turning knobs that replace traditional wall switches.

However, you can now purchase automated home lighting systems that control every aspect of the lighting in your home, both inside and outside. The system now offers a sophisticated automatic lighting control system that allows the user to set the lights to turn on and off at different times.

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However, they can now do a lot more and can be pre-programmed to:

1) Set different light levels at different times of the day.

2) Change the ambiance of the whole house with the push of a button.

3) To save energy by increasing or decreasing the internal light level depending on how much natural light there is.

These are just some of the key features as automatic lighting systems can now be integrated into a complete home automation system.