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Category: Pets


Common Dog Behavior Problems in Boulder

Dog behavior problems are often misunderstood or mistreated by dog owners. Maybe you're new to dog ownership, are considering buying a dog, or just want to help your dog deal with a difficult problem. For more information about dog behavior problems, you can schedule a free consult.

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Most dogs make some kind of noise in different ways. They can bark, howl, whine, and do other things. Excessive barking is regarded as a behavioral issue.

Determine why your dog is barking before you can correct excessive barking. 

  • Warning or alert

  • Playfulness and excitement

  • Attention-seeking

  • Anxiety

  • Boredom

  • Responding to other dogs

Learn to control excessive barking. Consider teaching them the bark/soft commands. 


Chewing is a natural behavior in all dogs. Chewing is a necessary activity for most dogs; it is just one of the ways they communicate. Excessive chewing, on the other hand, can quickly become a behavioral issue if your dog makes a mess. The following are the most common reasons for dog chewing:

  • Puppy teething

  • Boredom or excess energy

  • Anxiety

  • Curiosity (especially puppies)

When you are away from home, keep your dog covered or confined in an area where less damage can be done.

If you see your dog chewing, immediately distract him with a sharp voice. Replace the item with a chew toy. One of the most important things you can do is make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise so he can use up energy and be stimulated that way, rather than chew.

Tips For Proper And Cost-Effective Pet Care

Having an animal under your care really takes time, effort and sometimes money. There are a lot of people who do not really know how to properly care for their pets and animals. And so, they end up losing so much money paying the veterinary clinic because their pets always get ill. Sometimes, they lose their beloved pets. And this is just so sad.

There are also some people who mistreat their animals even without knowing. This is because of the lack of knowledge on how to properly care for them.

While mistreatment of animals is certainly not (and by no means should be) excused by not having enough funds, there are ways to minimize the cost of pet care without sacrificing a precious animal's quality of life. Here are just some of the ways you can manage the financial help for your pet.

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First, get preventative care for your pet. Look for an established vet and ask about his preventative health care plan for dogs, cats, birds, and other species of pets. It is always best to take care of a small wound, tick or flea infestations, or unusual behavior before they start to get big. It will then be hard to take care of.

Secondly, do not overfeed your pets. Indeed, fat cats and dogs can seem devastatingly cute. But you will not find it the least bit amusing or ideal when your overweight cat or dog starts to show signs of osteoarthritis, diabetes, or respiratory problems. Some overweight dogs can suffer from heat intolerance, and while some places are not really super-hot, some towns do experience hot, humid summers.

So give your pets the right amount of food. Try not to get into the habit of giving them treats all the time. Do not share human food as this may cause diarrhea (particularly for cats). And always keep their water bowl full.

Lastly, save money for emergency pet treatments. When you can, set aside a few dollars every time you get your paycheck. The small amount of money you are able to put away now could save the life of your beloved dog or cat in the future.