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Buy the Best Anti Static Floor Mat

Do you want to buy Anti Static Floor Mats? There are many good reasons to buy one. To understand how static electricity is created, let’s look at the example of how static electricity is generated when you walk on the carpet in the workplace. 

When you walk on the carpet, the soles of your shoes rub against the carpet. This rubbing action causes friction and produces a kind of energy. This energy is still active or stored until the man who brought the charge dissipates the energy. 

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This usually happens when a person carrying an electrical charge touches a door handle or metal tools and gets a static shock. This is known as Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

Something that you should consider before you buy an Anti Static floor mat is the level where you want the static electricity to be discharged. If the static electricity discharged too quickly, this may cause damage to some equipment. 

Therefore it is very important to consult a professional in the webbing industry. Tell them what apps you want the mat for and they should be able to give you good advice on the most appropriate mat.