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How Duct Board Gives Protection To Your Property

Ductboard is constructed with a solid foam base. It is specially designed to stand up to variations in temperature without affecting quality. Consistency and comfort are the main features for this particular product. 

However, the quality of air, noise levels and efficiency are largely dependent on the duct board system , which must be planned and properly installed to allow the unit to function effectively.

duct board

The rigid foam boards may also be scientifically described as polyurethane insulation panels. They are made of aluminum foil backings either side and are available in panels between 1.5 to 4 inches in thickness.

These products are 10% lighter than traditional metal ductworks on the market. The majority of the time, these panels can be used to provide insulation for ceilings, floors and walls. There are some who use them to insulate metal ductwork. 

The insulation capacity of the material is in the range of R-7.1 to R-8.7 per inch. This is thought to be among the most effective insulating values on the market. R-value is the measure of the material's resistance to heat loss.

Aluminum ductwork should always be insulated to maximize their effectiveness. Vapor-barriers are often needed to stop the formation of condensation. However rigid foam boards do not only serve as the foundation to your ductwork system but also act as an insulation and vapor barrier for the base material.