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How to Raise Your Children’s Self Esteem

If you want to raise children with high self-esteem, then you will see that doing so is about increasing their self-esteem. Your children will know your habits, are these habits that support high self-esteem or habits that drag their self-esteem down.

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How to Raise Your Childrens Self Esteem

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They will notice how you think and how you feel about yourself and they will also adopt a way of thinking about yourself. In addition, they will also notice how you think and feel about them and their value and potential, so if you want them to love themselves then you clearly love them in the first place.

Develop your self-esteem, and demonstrate this to your children. An important part of doing this is to set and respect your personal boundaries. If your children or someone else treats you in a way that you deem unacceptable or hurts them, then you have to stand firm and tell the person that you don't accept that kind of treatment.

Please speak about yourself. Show your children that you love yourself, and it is okay to appreciate yourself. Society will try to make its children think that it is arrogant or selfish to talk favorably about themselves. Do your best to counter that effect by making your children understand that loving yourself is something favorable.

To increase your children's self-esteem, you also need to show them that you believe in their ability to achieve anything. As their parents, you would be the first to think that they are magically terrible children. Show them that you believe so, both with their body language as well as their words.