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Known Penis Envy Mushroom Strain Varieties

Since its origins are still a mystery, these mushroom lovers don’t mind if they make more strains. There are several mycologists and geneticists who have performed cultural isolation/crosses of the Penis Envy tribe with Stephen Pollock since the late 1970s. 

This has resulted in several different sub-options such as Albino Penis Envy (Albino PF x Penis Envy Cross), Penis Envy #6 (Mutations), Texas Penis Envy (Texas Orange Caps x Penis Envy Cross), Penis Envy Uncut (Mutations, and Trans Envy (Transkei x Penis Envy) Cross). It is important to remember that the potency of each Penis Envy Fungus strain is consistently higher than any other Psilocybe Cubensis strain or strain. You can also visit to get penis envy mushrooms.

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Albino Penis Envy Mushroom Strain: This particular mushroom is milky white in colour from the Albino PF variety and the cap is sometimes dark blue. The Albino Penis Envy Mushroom is also on average smaller than the Penis Envy Mushroom.

Penis Envy Uncut Mushroom Strain: Considered the strongest of all the Penis Envy strains, this strain has several unique properties. With distinctive physical characteristics, the Uncut Mushroom Envy Strain Penis has a lid that does not open at all, even the fruit body is late to ripen. Moreover, the cap is significantly darker than the regular Envy Penis.

Trans Envy Fungus Strains – strains isolated by a fungal spore dealer called the Spore Lab. They are similar to the Transkei Magic Mushroom in appearance, with slender yellow and white stems and a medium-sized cap. This strain is also slightly stronger than other Penis Envy strains.