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Signs and Symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Jul 10, 2022 Health and Fitness

Generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by chronic, excessive worry that interferes with daily life. There are a variety of effective treatments, which should focus on cognitive behavioral therapy and medications. This disorder is a mental disorder characterized by excessive anxiety and worry over numerous areas of life. People with GAD often experience debilitating symptoms that significantly interfere with their daily lives.

The hallmark of generalised anxiety disorder is prolonged, excessive anxiety, and worry about numerous unrelated issues, such as health, work, family, and social interactions. People with GAD often feel on edge all the time, and struggle to keep their emotions in check. They may become agitated or fastidious in their routines, and find it difficult to relax. 

People with GAD generally have difficulty functioning day-to-day. In fact, almost half of people with GAD report significant impairment in their ability to work or take care of their basic needs. Additionally, people are more likely to develop other mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety disorders.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating GAD. However, treatment typically involves a combination of therapy and medication. The goal of therapy is to help people learn how to regulate their emotions and stress reactions. Medication can help relieve the symptoms of GAD by calming down the nervous system.