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The Story Of Grey Goose Vodka

The story of Grey Goose vodka began in 1772 when a couple, Armand and Jeanne, owned a farm near the small French town of Cognac. They were looking for something to make their product stand out from others on the market. One day, Armand took some grapes that had been sitting around on the ground outside their cellar door. He mixed them with water he found in a barrel and after three days he was able to distill the first batch of what would become one of the most popular vodkas in the world today.  

The founder of the brand, Alexandre Gabrielle, created a drink to serve at a dinner party and it became so popular that he decided to sell it commercially. The main characteristic of this vodka is its smoothness and high-quality taste. You can buy grey goose vodka online from It is also known for its distinctive green color-a gift from nature. 

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Grey Goose Vodka is one of the few vodkas that is made through a multi-step process. This process starts with a distillation process that removes impurities and ends with filtration. The vodka undergoes an aging process in barrels and then passes through a charcoal filter, so it can be clear, clean, crisp, and smooth. 

The creation of Grey Goose Vodka has a fairy-tale ending. On a trip to Paris, Pierre Andurand, the founder of the company, was walking down the street appreciating all of the fine wines and spirits on display. At that time, he tasted what would eventually become the iconic liqueur that we know today.