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Tips For Fire Prevention

Fire protection

Firefighters strive to reduce known hazards and prevent dangerous actions before tragedy strikes. There are so many unknown hazards that eliminating known hazards allows firefighters to do their jobs better. 

This can be achieved through presentations, distribution of safety brochures, provision of news articles, writing of public safety announcements, and arrangement of important exhibitions infrequently visited areas. 

Using the media in the immediate aftermath of a preventable incident can help raise public awareness. Fire safety studies in public, commercial and residential areas can have an important impact on community fire safety and incident planning. You can also contact us to hire the best fire protection service.  

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Fire hazard

A fire hazard is defined as a condition that initiates or increases the extent or severity of a fire. Our knowledge of fire protection items helps firefighters better eliminate potential fire hazards by controlling these items. 

Fuel hazards include flammable substances, flammable and combustible gases, flammable and combustible liquids, chemicals, dust, and flammable metals. Hazards from heat sources include chemical, electrical, mechanical, and nuclear forms. Common dangerous fire conditions are poor maintenance and improper storage. 

Fire detectors and alarms

Fire detection and alarm systems are designed to notify facility occupants to take the necessary action, call the fire department and activate the sprinkler system. There are many types of alarm systems. Manual self-initiation systems, which are common in schools, activate a local alarm system.

Smoke detector

Smoke detectors should be on every floor and in every bedroom. They warned residents of the danger in time to evacuate and have helped save many lives. There are two main types of detectors, photovoltaic and ionizing. In photovoltaic, photovoltaic cells are used in combination with certain light sources.