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What Are Micro Link Extensions And How Are They Installed?

The term "micro link" may seem slightly odd at first, but trust me, you will see this method as fascinating. This hair fad, otherwise called loop hair extensions or the cold fusion method, has sparked the attention of several hair gurus due to its innovative appearance and application procedure. Read this article to know more about micro ring extensions.

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Micro links are bead-like clips that connect the extensions to your real hair in London. All the hairpieces are small and are applied to your true hair strand by strand with an application tool. This technique doesn't require that you get your hair braided down before setup, and it eliminates the hassle of dealing with thread or glue.

If your hair has a slick feel, have no worries. There's a coating on the interior of each micro connection that attaches perfectly to every strand of hair.

Furthermore, the hair application secures the micro links for additional grip. For those who have thin or fine hair, these sort of hair extensions is the best way to add depth and length to your hair whilst, looking very natural.

Micro link hair extensions in London aren't only trendy but also an exceptional alternative for low-maintenance, high-quality attractiveness.

This method is ideal if you are considering trying a new look with extensions that also allows your actual hair to breathe. If you are just looking to provide your natural hair and a bit more flair, there is always the option of picking micro links that mimic your actual hair.