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Who Can File A Baby Food Lawsuit?

Baby foods may have contained toxic and harmful metals. Unsafe levels of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium was found in baby foods and commercial products. Critics claim that baby food manufacturers are aware of the dangers of certain heavy metals in baby foods but have not taken action to make them safer or warn the public. Millions of American infants have been exposed to toxic heavy metals, which can cause severe and permanent damage to their early childhood development.

Families whose child was poisoned by toxic baby food or suffered neurological or developmental problems such as ADHD, autism, or other forms of ADHD should seek clarification on the requirements to be a part of a lawsuit via against heavy metal baby foods. 

Lawsuit filed against baby foods

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Heavy Metals in Baby Foods. 

It is well-known that children can be exposed to heavy metals at the most vulnerable stages of their development. The presence of heavy metals in baby foods is a serious danger. However, they are still common at alarming levels. Arsenic and cadmium are the most prevalent heavy metals in baby food. You may be eligible for a claim for baby food heavy-metal exposure if your child or baby is suffering from side effects.

ADHD, Autism, and Other Diagnosis: Infancy and childhood heavy metal exposure can cause irreversible brain damage and neurological problems like ADHD and Autism. Children exposed to heavy metals have lower intelligence, poor academic performance, and behavioral problems. You may be eligible for a claim against heavy metal baby foods if your child has been diagnosed with any one of these conditions after eating commercial baby food.