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Why Do I Need A Bitcoin Mixer and what is the best in 2021?

Bitcoin has been the talk of the town ever since it started booming in 2013. However, one of the main problems with bitcoin up to this day is that any transaction that is done with bitcoin is traceable.

So, people with bad intentions may decide to trace your transaction and find your identity which makes it pretty scary. The solution to this problem is through the use of bitcoin mixer.

Importance of Bitcoin Mixer

The purpose of a Bitcoin Mixer is basically to protect your bitcoin transactions. By not making your transaction private, people are able to trace that transaction and find your personal information (physical address, email, phone number, etc).

For example, when you are sending bitcoin from your address to someone else's address (wallet A to wallet B) then people can track that address back to your account and see all your transactions. Then they will use services like Chainalysis to identify that information and get all your personal information

Once, they get your personal information they might decide to leak it into the dark web or even sell this information to people. It may not seem like it's something that's dangerous at first glance.

But if you really think about it these people that managed to get a hold of your personal information know that you own bitcoin which may lead them to do something that may be harmful to you. As they might think that you are really wealthy.

So, basically, it's more than just being anonymous rather you want to be anonymous to avoid unnecessary problems that may lead to danger. Although it is unlikely to happen you want to always be on the safer side.

What is a Bitcoin Mixer?

Basically, a bitcoin mixer allows you to send your bitcoin to a mixer which will take a bunch of users transaction and mixes them together. What happens is that after your bitcoin gets mix the address gets blocked thereby not allowing your transaction to be traced.

Now that you know what is a bitcoin mixer, how do you go about it? Well, continue reading and in the next section, I will introduce you to one of the best bitcoin mixers out there.

Coinomize – Best Bitcoin Mixer

If you are looking for a bitcoin mixer to use then I would recommend using Coinomize.

What makes Coinomize a good bitcoin blender?

Firstly, Coinomize has a good user interface. Their user interface is very easy to use and everything is made in a way that is intuitive even for new users. So there is no need to worry about getting confused as to what to do.

Secondly, Coinomize charges one of the lowest fees in comparison to other bitcoin mixers that are available out there. Customers are able to choose the fees ranging from 1% – 5%. Depending on how much privacy you want a higher fee will be charged.

Another great thing about Coinomize is that all your transaction logs will be automatically deleted every 24/7 so if you forget to delete your logs manually it does not really matter. Coinomize also does not store any information in regards to your IP address/Bitcoin address/transaction logs.

This means that you are in safe hands with Coinomize.