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Why Maritime Cyber-Security Is Important And How To Establish It?

The shipping companies and maritime industry are far from the main target of cyberattacks, each attack can do serious damage and must be protected. Below are two examples of previous cyberattacks on the maritime industry and their consequences.

The seriousness of the situation is easy to see, and if cooperation works well. The criminals can gain access to and manipulate AIS ships, which will give the impression that the ships are in a fake location or make structures or ghost ships.

Damage can easily become serious and cannot be repaired. Hackers can delete the entire database of shipping information related to container paths. To get more information about cybersecurity you can visit

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All important information such as container location, place of origin, and content has been removed from the system in many cyberattack incidents.

Although there have been a number of cyberattacks in the maritime industry, there is a tremendous lack of transparency on topics as participating companies try to increase their participation.

The cyberattack related to a company can seriously affect the credibility of the brand. However, this lack of transparency makes it very difficult to protect the industry from future attacks.

However, it may not be as important as whether the company name is revealed or not, such as the loss of confidential information through hacking.

Protecting yourself and your customers must take precedence over others. Therefore, although maritime security on the Internet is not a traditional topic, it must be discussed and implemented openly.