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Why You Need Grease Trap Cleaning In Auckland

Grease is a common ingredient in every kitchen. Every chef and every kitchen staff member must deal with grease on a daily basis. It can be easy to forget how crucial this tedious task is to your restaurant's success after months of cleaning, spraying and rinsing. Here are some reminders about grease trap cleaning.  You can also take help from #1 grease trap & converter cleaning services in Auckland from various sources.

The trap simply captures grease before it reaches normal drainage systems. The consistency of the grease trap means that oils and fats do not drain well in a liquid drainage system. It is important to clean grease traps as if they overflow, the contents will go into the standard drain. There are several issues that could occur if this happens.

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First, a clogged drain can cause problems. It can block the drain, making it impossible to clean your kitchen. This can not only cause a business to slow down but also makes it difficult for employees to work. It is very difficult to remove fats and oils from a pipe. A plumber will need to spend a lot of time clearing a major blockage.

It is possible for the grease to enter the sewage system through the kitchen drain. This can cause major problems for large groups of people as grease can clog public septic tanks or other waste disposal systems. A septic tank located in a commercial area could back up and human waste could rise to the surface. This can cause odours and significant damage to the ground.