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Tag: Clean A Butcher Block

Best Ways To Clean A Butcher Block

Although a butcher block is very useful in the kitchen, it must be kept clean otherwise it can spread germs from raw meat to other foods. These germs can cause serious gastric problems.

Before you ever use your block, it is important that it be treated with mineral oil. It is also important that you will not use vegetable oil to treat the wooden block it can ruin the board and become hard to cut the food on it. Butcher block is considered as the butcher knife tool so as to protect the surface of the working area of the kitchen.

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After each use, take the time to clean the table with a clean damp sponge. Use a clean towel to dry the board after cleaning. This will keep the cleaning of the board for several weeks.

Over time the block may need a deep cleaning. To thoroughly clean the block begins scraping the wood. You can use old and a butcher knife. An even better choice is a woodworkers scraper. This flat piece of metal with straight edges will keep the surface of your apartment on board. 

You can also pour vinegar on the surface of the cutting board and soak for approximately five minutes. Finally, rub the block with a paste of lemon juice and salt. In addition to eliminating all bacteria, it also discolors the board of any stains that remain of the cut of meat. Once you have cleared the salt and lemon juice on your board and rinsed one last time, you want to re-oil the board.

If the board has been abused and is not cleaned, you can use sandpaper to sand down the card to clean wood. This can also be used if someone used vegetable oil on the board to remove wood and rancid oil. Once you have the back of the card to bare wood, you'll need to treat it with mineral oil and take better care of it.