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Hire Castles Inflatable and Marquee For Your Celebrations

Marquees have evolved in the past years, and have evolved from the traditional inflatable marquees that we have come across in our childhood. When the word "marquees" is mentioned, people imagine weddings and think that's the reason they're used as weddings are a huge component of the industry, however, there are many other occasions that benefit from marquees.

In its most basic design, a marquee rental shop is intended to serve a location where people can gather. It can serve as a shelter from the unpredictable weather that we all are familiar with and also as temporary registration tents for a fun run for charity and many other things. The most extravagant marquee-related events could include extravagant weddings or prominent corporate functions.


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Wedding marquees

As we've mentioned this may be one of the easiest. Clearspan marquees, in particular, are extremely versatile and offer various options for brides and groom-to-be. There's not much you cannot accomplish, it's just your imagination that can hold you from achieving your goals. The fact that a marquee can be set up almost everywhere means that many people want to enjoy stunning landscapes and views that might not be feasible when considering permanent venues.

Birthday Party events

A few people opt for their marquees to be dressed according to the same standards as weddings, complete including all the trimmings, and why shouldn't they? While this isn't required, it is dependent on how much you can afford and what milestones you want to mark.



This is a mature segment of the industry and typically includes the largest marquee companies who operate in this area. The reason for this is that the equipment they provide can handle the size required for these kinds of events.