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A Brief Introduction on Blanket Insulation


Many people are always on the hunt to save money. Some invest in stocks while others invest in homes. When it comes to homes, a great way to save money is by getting it insulated. If the insulation is done perfectly by a professional rather than DIY, then you are bound to save money on those monthly energy bills, use lesser energy, go easier on the environment and more. However, one should understand that insulation comes in many types and choosing the suitable one for your home is equally important. Blanket insulation is quite popular in many homes which can be used in new and old houses with no problems.

Blanket Insulation Intro – When it comes to blanket insulation, it comes in different forms called rolls and batts. Batt insulation is the one comprising of pre-cut panels making it easier to be used on objects of various measurements. While roll insulation is the one comprising coming in continuous form which can be used on different sizes of objects. This is possible because this form of insulation is capable of cutting or trimming. Batt and roll insulation are usually made of fiberglass along with a mixture of minerals such as rock and slag. It is important to know that blanket insulation is widely used in spaces such as the floor, pipes, ceilings, wires, foundation walls. Furthermore, blanket insulation goes really well inside new houses that requires to be fit in beams, studs, joists etc.

Installation of blanket insulation is based on the thickness of the R-Value that comes in the region of R-2.9 to R-3.8 per inches.

This form of insulation can also be used in roof insulation in Sydney.